Top Food Supermarket Apr 16

Top Food Supermarket Apr 16
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Great Deals at Top Food Supermarket this week, including Ounce Rolled/Quick Oats, Pinoy Delight Longanisa Sausage, Village Pride Thread Herring, Paradise Steamed Whole Banana, Michelina’s Frozen Macaroni Series.

  • Ounce Rolled/Quick Oats 1kg, only $1.99/ea! (Regular $2.99)
  • Pinoy Delight Longanisa Sausage 450g, only $6.99/ea! (Regular $9.99)
  • Village Pride Thread Herring, only $10.99/box! (Regular $12.99)
  • Paradise Steamed Whole Banana 454g, only $2.59/ea! (Regular $3.59)
  • Michelina’s Frozen Macaroni Series 255g, only $1.59/ea! (Regular $2.29)
  • Muncher Green Peas Original Flavour 200g, only $1.50 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)
  • Jam-E Shirin Concentrated Syrup 800ml, only $2.99/ea! (Regular $4.99)
  • Mr.Goudas Mackerel in Water/Tomato Sauce 425g, only $2.50 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)

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