WinCo Food Mart Flyer Jun 3

Valid Thur Jun 3 - Wed Jun 9

What's New

Great Deals at WinCo Foodmart this week, including Choi Heony Yuen Egg Rolls, Vita Drink, Fair Brand White Fragrant Scented Rice, Polar Bird Frozen Squid, Seabo Antarctic Sea Bass Steak.

  • Choi Heony Yuen Egg Rolls 300g, only $8.88/ea! (Regular $12.99/ea)
  • Vita Drink 6x250ml, only $7.00 for 2! (Regular $4.99/pk)
  • Fair Brand White Fragrant Scented Rice 18lb, only $18.88/ea! (Regular $22.99/ea)
  • Polar Bird Frozen Squid 600g, only $10.99/ea! (Regular $12.99/ea)
  • Seabo Antarctic Sea Bass Steak, only $22.99/lb! (Regular $26.99/ea)
  • Ten Ten Dim Sum Dumpling 800g, only $9.99 for 2! (Regular $7.99/ea)
  • Live BC Spot Prawn (Limited Quantities), only $26.88/lb!
  • Nai Yu Bok Choy Tips, only $1.88/lb!

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